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Water-Source Heat Pumps

For over 15 years AAON has manufactured Water-Source Heat Pump (WSHP) Rooftop Units, Vertical Self-Contained Units, and Modular Air Handling Units with capacities ranging from 2-230 tons. AAON offers all of these units with mass customization or the ability to configure the features and options of the unit at the factory to meet nearly any application’s requirements. These products may be used as Makeup Air ventilation units, Variable Air Volume (VAV) units, or Single Zone VAV units with variable capacity cooling and variable speed supply fans.


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WSHP Indoor Units

WH Series (1/2 - 12 1/2 tons) | WV Series (1/2 - 12 1/2 tons)

WSHP Rooftop Units

RQ Series (2-6 tons) | RN Series (6-140 tons) | RZ Series (45-240 tons)

WSHP Indoor Self-Contained Units

SB Series (3-18 tons) | SA Series (23-70 tons) | M2 Series (3-70 tons)

The unique features and flexibility of AAON equipment provide you with the opportunity to apply AAON heat pumps to educational facilities, office buildings, supermarkets and convenience stores, museums and libraries, churches and auditoriums, restaurants and many more applications desiring high efficiency, low cost heating and cooling. Equipment can be self-contained or split systems and include AAON rigid polyurethane foam panel construction to save heating and cooling dollars from escaping the HVAC cabinet, and AAON direct drive backward curved plenum fans for efficient air movement.

Superior Features

Rigid Polyurethane Foam Cabinet Construction

Geothermal/Water-Source Heat Pump systems are premium products and should be constructed using a premium cabinet design. AAON double wall, rigid polyurethane foam cabinets save cooling and heating energy through improved insulation and air seals. This reduces the energy lost to the environment and increases the building owner’s savings. Saved energy is saved money. Heating and cooling energy lost through poor insulation and poor air seals results in significant monetary losses to building owners. AAON rigid polyurethane foam cabinets reduce these monetary losses through improved thermal resistance, thermal breaks and quality air seals.

Variable Capacity Compressor

Geothermal/Water-Source Heat Pump systems with variable capacity compressors improve occupant comfort and system efficiency by varying the capacity of the system to match the instantaneous heating and cooling load of the conditioned space. The compressor continuously adjusts its capacity to precisely match the supply air temperature or leaving water temperature. During much of the heating and cooling season, the compressor operates at a reduced energy level, saving you operating costs. By pairing variable capacity compressors with variable air volume fans, in a geothermal configuration energy efficiency is maximized and operating costs are drastically reduced.

Direct Drive Backward Plenum Fan

A high efficiency geothermal system should be complimented by high efficiency air movement. AAON direct drive backward curved plenum fans offer improved efficiency, quieter operation, a smaller footprint and greater flexibility than comparable air moving devices in the HVAC industry. AAON offers fan arrays configurable from one to four, direct drive, backward curved, plenum fans. By offering combinations of varying fan widths and diameters, the fans can be selected at optimum operating efficiency. Direct drive backward curved impellers require up to 15% less power than belt-driven forward curved fans, at the same duty requirements, making them uniquely suited for high efficiency applications such as geothermal systems.

Robust Applications

Central Geothermal Units

By utilizing large commercial geothermal systems to provide outside air to occupied spaces, or interior units, the total number of units in the building can be reduced and complexity of the water piping can be simplified. An AAON geothermal system may supply up to 140 tons of cooling capacity with only a single water connection. The air from geothermal rooftop units can be ducted through conventional ductwork or the outside air can be used to supply smaller interior WSHP units that serve individual zones. Because AAON geothermal systems have no outdoor fans, in addition to high efficiency, the units offer extremely quiet operation and have low maintenance requirements.

Dual Fuel

All AAON geothermal systems are available with auxiliary and emergency heating capability. Dual fuel units include an additional heat source from natural gas, LP gas, steam, hot water or electric heat. Dual fuel systems offer great flexibility by allowing a second heat source to be used as a supplemental heat to the heat pump or a form of back up heat if water loop down time is required.

Sound and Space Sensitive Applications

AAON split system geothermal systems can be used in new or retrofit applications. In a retrofit application exterior air-cooled condensing units can be replaced with water-cooled condensing units and, in many applications, the existing refrigerant piping between the condensing unit and air handler can be reused. Because a water-cooled condenser uses no exterior fans, the unit sound is often not detectable by building occupants and neighbors. By utilizing a split system, indoor compressor sound can be removed from occupied spaces in office buildings, hotels, health care facilities, banks, schools, condominiums, apartments and other sound sensitive locations. The refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger, along with the compressor, can also be located in a mechanical room or on the exterior of the building and only a quiet operating indoor fan and coil remain in the occupied space. This not only removes sound from the occupied space, it also removes compressor maintenance requirements from the occupied space and makes the interior unit smaller - saving valuable interior space.

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