AAON can provide the exact level of control needed for any application. Multiple control configurations are available from a simple terminal block for connecting a thermostat to a factory installed networkable controller that will be integrated into a building automation system.

AAON Orion Control Systems

For AAON Rooftop Units,
Self-Contained Units, and
Split Systems

The AAON Orion Control Systems controllers provide a powerful control solution for AAON equipment. The controllers allows users to take full advantage of AAON exclusive features without the additional cost or complexity of designing a unique control strategy for each job.


AAON Touchscreen Controller

For AAON Rooftop Units,
Self-Contained Units, and
Split Systems

The Touchscreen Controller is a networkable controller with built-in space temperature and humidity sensors that mounts directly in the space similar to a conventional thermostat. The powerful, yet simple, controller allows set-and-forget control over an indoor environment without the expense of a large building automation system.

Pioneer Controls

For AAON Water-Source
Heat Pumps

AAON Pioneer Silver and Pioneer Gold controllers are designed for small packaged water-source heat pump units. The Pioneer controllers are designed, engineered, and supported by AAON. All of the energy saving features and options available on AAON WH and WV Series water-source pumps can be controlled with these systems.

Micro Control Systems (MCS) Controls

For AAON Rooftop Units, Chillers and Outdoor Mechanical Rooms

The MCS Magnum controller is factory installed on all AAON chiller and outdoor mechanical room equipment and is available in a rooftop unit configuration for large commercial rooftop units. The Magnum chiller controller maintains a leaving water setpoint temperature over a wide variety of operating conditions. The Magnum RTU controller provides control for Constant Volume, VAV, Single Zone VAV, and Makeup Air applications. The MCS Micromag controller is available for light commercial rooftop unit or split systems with one or two scroll compressors.

Customer Provided Controls

For AAON Rooftop Units,
Self-Contained Units, and
Split Systems

Terminal block option is available with AAON equipment to allow simple thermostat or field installed DDC controller to operate the equipment. Factory installed customer provided controls is a feature available from AAON that allows the customer to specify the type and manufacturer of the controller to be used in the AAON equipment. The AAON sales representative and AAON Applications personnel will review specific control requirements to verify that the controller selected is capable of providing all inputs and outputs required to operate the equipment.

Outdoor Airflow Measurement System

Factory installed outdoor airflow measuring is available on AAON products. This system can be used with a factory provided AAON controller or with customer provided controls via a simple output signal. The Airflow Signal Processor provides an interface for controlling the system.

Obsolete Controls

AAON Mini Controller

The AAON Mini Controller is a simple controls option for energy saving applications. The HVAC unit controller is remote mounted in the space similar to a conventional thermostat.

JENEsys Controller

The AAON JENEsys controller, powered by Niagaraax framework™, is an internet based stand-alone HVAC unit controller for network applications.