Technical Literature

The following feature pieces showcase AAON features and options, unit applications, and various other HVAC related topics.

Complete AAON Product Line (8.9 MB)
Introduction to all of the products manufactured by AAON, including indoor air handling units, outdoor air handling units, condensing units, chillers, packaged rooftop units, custom equipment, boilers, and controls.

AAON Product Family (240 KB)
The AAON product family consisting of rooftop, outdoor air handling, condensing, self-contained, packaged outdoor mechanical rooms, and indoor air handling units.

AAON Mach One - Quick Ship Program (1.3 MB)
The AAON Mach One program is now available to meet today’s demand for replacement equipment. Water-Source Heat Pumps - Ready for shipment in as quick as 4 days. Split Systems - Ready for shipment in as quick as 1 week. Select Features and Options, including the Most Commonly Needed Configurations

Indoor Air Quality (1.1 MB)
There is a great deal of concern over best practices in the design and operation of building HVAC systems in light of the recent worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. AAON shares these concerns and recommends following WHO, CDC and ASHRAE guidance on operation of commercial buildings during this time. The need for healthy buildings will likely change HVAC system design and operation going forward.

Compressor Technologies (1.0 MB)
AAON recognizes there are many reasons for choosing a specific compressor technology and offers many different options to meet an application’s needs. Efficiency, first cost, controls complexity, precise control and comfort are all considerations.

AAON High Efficiency Two-Stage Compressor Rooftop Units (1.4 MB)
AAON High Efficiency Packaged Rooftop Units are available with up to 20.2 IEER efficiency. Two-stage scroll compressors provide the simplicity of the staged capacity control with the high part load efficiencies of variable capacity compressor systems. The use of dual two-stage compressors includes up to five simple stages of capacity control, which is satisfactory capacity control for most applications.

AAON High Efficiency Staged Rooftop Units (0.4 MB)
AAON High Efficiency Packaged Rooftop Units with staged compressors are available with up to 15.7 IEER efficiency. Staged scroll compressors provide a low cost and easy to control packaged solution.

AAON Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center (644 KB)
The Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center (NAIC) is a 65 foot tall 134,000 square foot laboratory marvel able to measure both acoustics and thermal performance. A few features of the lab include supply, return, and outside sound testing at actual load conditions, testing of up to a 300 ton air conditioning system, testing of up to a 540 ton chiller system, and 80 million Btu of gas heating test capacity. Environmental application testing capabilities include -20F to 140F testing conditions, up to 8 inches per hour rain testing, up to 2 inches per hour snow testing, and up to 50 mph wind testing. Contact your local AAON representative about scheduling testing at the NAIC.

AAON Water-Source Heat Pump All Products (4.2 MB)
Water-Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) recover otherwise wasted energy and employ it to cool, heat, and provide dehumidification to a building – making it one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly systems. AAON Water-Source Heat Pumps offer a variety of configuration options, innovative design, premium performance,vv and unmatched serviceability.

AAON Technical Academy (2.8 MB)
The AAON Technical Academy is the premier training facility for educating service technicians on AAON HVAC equipment, controls, and more. The training facilities located at the AAON manufacturing plant and headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Longview, Texas manufacturing plant – giving students access to the latest equipment, engineering resources, and training center.

The Humidity Control Solution (3 MB)
Precise Control with Modulating Hot Gas Reheat. The study of indoor air quality has pointed to moisture as one of the main causes of poor indoor air quality. High humidity can cause many problems including mold growth, condensation, wood rot, paper deterioration, increase in sickness and allergic reactions, and a variety of other indoor air quality and physically damaging issues. AAON has addressed all of these problems with a unique design incorporating a reheat coil, a modulating 3-way hot gas reheat valve, supply air temperature sensor, and a simple controller, to precisely and efficiently control both temperature and humidity.

RQ Features and Benefits (4.9 MB)
The RQ features and Benefits is a 32 page brochure describing the numerous features and benefits of the RQ series unit. A brief overview of each of the most sellable features and benefits is given with a picture of the feature from an actual RQ series unit. Topics described in the brochure include industry leading efficiency, design flexibility, customizable options, and applications of the RQ series. This brochure is the perfect introduction to the AAON RQ series.

AAON Low Leakage Damper Catalog (209 KB)
AMCA Certified low leakage dampers are now factory installed on AAON equipment. The AAON Low Leakage Dampers meet the California Title 24 Class 2 damper air leakage requirement. Optional Economizer Fault Detection and Diagnostics is also available with the AAON dampers to meet all the California Title 24 economizer requirements.

Pioneer Water-Source Heat Pump Controls (863 KB)
AAON Pioneer Silver and Pioneer Gold controllers are designed for small packaged water-source heat pump units. The Pioneer controllers are designed, engineered, and supported by AAON. All of the energy saving features and options available on AAON WH and WV Series water-source pumps can be controlled with these systems.

Water-Source Heat Pump (2.5 MB)
For over 15 years AAON has manufactured mass customized Water-Source Heat Pump Rooftop Units, Vertical Self-Contained Units, and Modular Air Handling Units. AAON has recognized the need for a competitively priced, easily serviceable, premium quality, mass produced water-source heat pump. AAON experience, innovation, and superior manufacturing capabilities has led to the AAON Water-Source Heat Pump.

AAON Touchscreen Controller (2.3 MB)
AAON products are available today with the Touchscreen Controller. The Touchscreen Controller is a networkable controller with built-in space temperature and humidity sensors that mounts directly in the space similar to a conventional thermostat. The powerful, yet simple, controller allows set-and-forget control over an indoor environment without the expense of a large building automation system.

AAON Heating and Cooling Coils (628 KB)
For over 20 years, AAON has supplied the coil needs of industrial and commercial HVAC customers. AAON offers a wide selection of chilled water, hot water, steam, and refrigerant fin and tube coil configurations. All AAON coils follow a rigorous manufacturing process and testing routine to ensure they are free from leaks before shipment.

Seismically Certified AAON HVAC Equipment (3.2 MB)
Seismically certified AAON equipment allows consulting and specifying engineers to meet the strictest seismic building codes, quickly and easily, without the delays of additional certification testing. Seismically certified AAON equipment allows building owners to protect their investment. Details of the AAON Seismic Options are provided.

Electric Fan Motor Characteristics and Benefits (93.2 KB)
This paper discusses the differences in the various types of motors available in HVAC equipment and their individual characteristics and benefits. The brushed DC motor and the squirrel cage induction motor are discussed as well as speed control methods via the EC motor and VFD driven induction motor. This paper discusses the reliability, efficiency, and performance of the most common motors used in commercial HVAC equipment.

High Efficiency Rooftop Unit Quick Select Guide (1.0 MB)
Overview of the efficiencies possible with the many different configurations of AAON rooftop units. Efficiency standards compared include ASHRAE 90.1, Energy Star, ASHRAE 189.1, CEE Tier 1 and CEE Tier 2.

Return Air Bypass (1.0 MB)
Return air bypass is an airflow configuration which provides dehumidification capabilities to a constant volume system at a low initial cost. Benefits of return air bypass include increased occupant comfort, increased in occupant productivity, improved indoor air quality, reduced occurrences of sickness and allergies, and the ability to meet ventilation standards. Return Air Bypass is available on AAON packaged rooftop units, from 6-230 tons.

Single Zone VAV (2.0 MB)
Single Zone VAV varies the fan speed based on the space air temperature and the compressor capacity based on the supply air temperature. This allows the HVAC unit to only work as hard as necessary, providing significant energy savings at part load conditions compared to a traditional constant volume system. Single zone VAV provides space temperature control with significant energy savings, improved humidity control, and reduced HVAC sound.

The Cost of Belt Drives (1.7 MB)
Over a unit lifetime, a belt driven unit costs significantly more than a direct driven unit. In addition to the increased energy costs, the belt driven fan costs significantly more in maintenance over the unit life. Direct driven fans are more reliable, cleaner, quieter, and less costly than comparable belt driven fans.

Geothermal Heat Pump Solutions (2.4 MB)
AAON offers a complete line of geothermal products: Self-Contained Units (2-70 tons), Rooftop Units (2-230 tons) and Split Systems (2-63 tons). By taking advantage of the Earth’s relatively constant temperature to reject and absorb heat geothermal heat pumps systems can provide both energy efficient cooling and heating. AAON geothermal heat pumps are engineered for high efficiency, application flexibility and serviceability.

AAON Precision Air Systems (1.4 MB)
Technology rooms have unique environmental requirements and necessitate cooling systems that match those requirements. Comfort cooling systems are appropriate for “comfort” environments – facilities that are occupied by people or that house routine equipment and supplies. AAON precision air conditioning systems provide the efficiency, reliability and flexibility to meet the increasing demands for heat rejection, humidity control, filtration, and other requirements of technology rooms and other high availability computer facilities.

AAONAIRE Energy Recovery Systems (6.0 MB)
AAONAIRE energy recovery systems provide energy savings by recycling energy. AAONAIRE systems also enhance indoor air quality by allowing larger amounts of outside air to be provided to the space and through improved humidity control. AAONAIRE systems save money through both an initial HVAC equipment reduction and ongoing lifecycle operating savings. For much of the country, the payback for the AAONAIRE system is less than one year.

Energy Savings with AAON Rigid Polyurethane Foam (1.8 MB)
Rigid polyurethane foam insulated panels offer superior performance compared to fiberglass insulated HVAC panels. When compared to fiberglass-insulated panels, rigid polyurethane foam panels offer more than twice the resistance to heat transfer; directly preventing the loss of heating and cooling dollars through the cabinet. The mechanical strength and rigidity of foam insulated equipment is significantly improved; leading to tighter door seals and less “out of square” unit installations. A thermal break is provided in every panel so that no metal in the airstream is in contact with metal exposed to ambient conditions; the thermal break virtually eliminates cabinet condensation during the cooling season.

Energy and Economics Analysis Program (1.3 MB)
The AAON Energy and Economics Analysis Program (AAON EEAP) is a tool for AAON sales representatives, consulting engineers, design build contractors, building owners, and other professionals involved in the design and analysis of commercial buildings to show the energy and economic benefits of innovative and high performance HVAC technology. Using AAON EEAP allows optimization of the design or renovation of a building and its mechanical systems by comparing alternative designs.

AAON Corrosion Resistant Paint Test Report (1.3 MB)
Shows the corrosion resistance of the standard paint applied to the exterior of AAON units. The paint finish is shown to be capable of withstanding at least 2,500 hours, with no visible corrosion effects, when tested in a salt spray and fog atmosphere in accordance with ASTM B 117-95 test procedure. Typically the industry acceptability is 500 to 1,000 hours. Optional exterior and interior application of the corrosion resistant paint is also available.

Value in the Air: Why Direct Drive Backward Curved Plenum Fans?
Detailed paper on the characteristics and benefits of different types of HVAC fans. Includes an introduction to fans and sections on fan selection, fan operating characteristics, fan system effects, fan efficiency, fan control schemes, and how fans relate to an HVAC system’s efficiency.

Modulating Temperature and Humidity Control (4.9 MB)
Discusses the benefits associated with the modulating capacity scroll compressor and the modulating humidity control options. Benefits include energy savings, extended compressor operating life and improved temperature and humidity control, when compared to on/off systems. A comparison of the power usage of hot gas bypass and the modulating capacity scroll compressor is shown. Also includes a section on applications of modulating temperature and humidity control.

AAONDry (856 KB)
Water evaporated into the air of an enclosed pool room makes swimmers uncomfortable, fogs windows, and condenses on and within walls causing structural damage. AAON offers complete packaged dehumidification systems from 12 lbw/hr to 953 lbw/hr. These systems provide a comfortable environment, minimize rapid deterioration of walls due to condensation, and control humidity levels which drastically increases swimmer and spectator comfort.

Digital Precise Air Control (D-PAC™) (748 KB)
Indoor environmental quality, occupant comfort and energy use are important criteria when selecting an HVAC system design. AAON offers equipment utilizing a digital scroll compressor with load matching temperature and humidity control with the highest energy efficiency. The digital scroll compressor varies the volume of refrigerant that flows through the cooling system allowing the compressor to unload down to 10% capacity while controlling temperature to +/- 1°F and +/-5% RH and offering part load efficiencies up to 20% greater than systems utilizing an on/off compressor.

Evaporative-Cooled Condenser (536 KB)
In the evaporative-cooled condensing process, water is sprayed over the condenser coil as air passes across the coil to evaporate the spray and cool the refrigerant tubes toward the ambient wet bulb temperature. The lower wet bulb condensing temperature means that the evaporative-cooled condenser can reject more heat than an air-cooled condenser, while requiring less compressor work and consuming less energy. As a result, evaporative-cooled condensers can be 20% to 40% more efficient than a comparable air-cooled condenser.

AAON for Green Buildings; LEED® (428 KB)
What makes a building green? What role do HVAC systems play in earning LEED credits? How does AAON support building green? In this document, AAON answers all these questions and many others regarding Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, direct drive fans, rigid high performance composite panel construction and integral energy recovery wheels are just a few of the green benefits AAON offers on our HVAC systems, download the PDF to find even more!

Outside Air Ventilation (472 KB)
AAON has been designing and building ventilation and make up air equipment since its incorporation in 1988. This experience has allowed AAON to develop many ventilation specific solutions that can help control the temperature and humidity of the outside air in the most energy efficient manner possible. AAON routinely provides ventilation air solutions such as energy recovery wheels, direct-fired heaters for large air temperature rises, large capacity cooling coils for improved dehumidification, digital scroll compressors that efficiently match changing loads and many more! What problem can we solve for you?


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