AAON is leading the Tulsa facility into a bright green future. Committed to providing a cost effective, energy efficient, and productive work environment, the AAON Tulsa Facility has been replacing inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting with LED lighting fixtures.  

Cost Savings

AAON Tulsa’s new LED lighting is estimated to save the company around $300,000 in electricity a year, with an additional $50,000-100,000 savings from the lighting control system utilized with the LED fixtures. Not to mention the $440,000 in rebates AAON received from the local utility company PSO.

Work Environment Benefits

LED lighting produces a brightly lit work environment, which studies have shown lead to a more stimulated productive worker. A well-lit work area is particularly important in a manufacturing facility, where safety is the number one concern. LED lighting puts out less heat, which not only reduces heat related costs, but makes the work environment cooler than incandescent lighting. It is important in a manufacturing facility, subjected to the heat of the outside environment, to limit any factors that can contribute to the temperature – a cooler work environment is a comfortable work environment.


LED lighting fixtures utilized at the Tulsa Facility have an estimated lifespan of 15 years! Florescent and metal halide fixtures have a much more limited lifespan, with bulbs needing to be replaced every two years and ballasts every four years.

AAON 2017 Closed Loop Recycling Sustainability Report

Recycling & Reuse of Absorbent Material, 2017 Year-to-Date totals.
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