SA Series

AAON SA Series self contained units and indoor air handling units lead the industry in construction, technology, and efficiency. Variable capacity scroll compressors, spring isolated direct drive backward curved plenum supply fans, and double wall rigid polyurethane foam injected cabinet construction provide the SA Series with unmatched performance.

SA Series Dual Cabinet SA Series Dual Cabinet SA Series Service Access SA Series Waterside Economizer


Intake Nominal cfm Width* Height* Length
023 Single 6,900 55 111-135
(in 4 inch increments)
028 8,400
030 9,000
035 10,500
045 Double 13,500 110**
050 15,000
055 16,500
058 17,400
060 18,000
065 19,500
070 21,000
*Width and height may vary depending on options selected.
**Double intake units can be split in half for ease of installation.
All dimensions are in inches.
Design cfm may be 30-50% greater or less than nominal cfm.