RQ Series Features and Benefits



AAON RQ Series rooftop units are engineered for performance, flexibility, and serviceability. Double wall rigid polyurethane foam insulated cabinet construction and direct drive backward curved plenum fans allow RQ series units to have quiet, energy efficient airflow with high static pressure capabilities. RQ series units also feature lockable hinged doors which provide service access to all sections of the unit.

Design Flexibililty

Air-cooled packaged DX rooftop unit, from 2-6 Tons with electric, gas, hot water, or steam heat or cooling only.

Air Handling Units:
Air handling units are available for design flexibility. Non-compressorized DX air handling units can be paired with a matching condensing unit. Chilled water air handling units can be added to existing chiller systems for additional cooling capacity.

Air-Source and Geothermal Heat Pumps:
Air-source and geothermal heat pumps provide energy efficient heating and cooling through the unit's refrigeration circuit. Air-source heat pumps transfer heat to the outside in the summer and to the building in the winter to provide both space heating and cooling. Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the seasonally constant temperature (around 55°F) of the earth below ground level to transfer heat to or from the building. Geothermal heat pumps typically save between 15-25% of total building energy for non residential buildings (DOE).


Industry Leading Efficiency

The AAON RQ series has AHRI listed efficiencies of up to 19.15 SEER. The AAON RQ series is the most efficient light commercial rooftop unit in the industry.

Energy Recovery Wheels:
Energy recovery wheels significantly reduce operating costs by transferring energy from the exiting exhaust air to the entering outside air, reducing the amount of energy the system has to use to cool the air from outside air conditions to supply air conditions. AAONAIRE energy recovery wheels remove moisture from the outside air during the summer to avoid excess moisture in the air and add moisture to the air during the winter to avoid over drying of the air. AAONAIRE energy recovery wheels help to maintain comfortable humidity levels year round. Up to 80% of the exhaust air energy is recovered by the wheel, significantly reducing energy usage during outside air ventilation.

Heat Wheel

High Capacity Cooling Coil:
6 row high capacity cooling coil provides greater coil surface area for heat transfer, improving unit efficiency and dehumidification.

Microchannel Condenser Coil:
Microchannel condenser coils are standard on all RQ series DX cooling-only units. Microchannel coils are more efficient, smaller, lighter, and use less refrigerant than traditional fin and tube condenser coils. Optional copper tube condenser coils with aluminum or copper fins are also available.

EconomizerGear Driven Economizer:
Gear driven economizer allows for free cooling and eliminates excess play and binding that occurs with linkage type economizers.

Enthalpy Economizer:
With an enthalpy economizer, temperature and humidity sensor in the outside air stream is used to provide free cooling when the outside air is below a certain setpoint. An extra temperature and humidity sensor can be ordered for the return air stream via SPA to provide a comparative enthalpy economizer. A comparative enthalpy economizer compares the enthalpy of the outside air and the return air. When the outside air has less overall energy than the return air, the unit doesn’t use as much energy to cool the outside air, saving money in energy costs.

Variable Speed Fans:
Variable speed supply fans allow precise airflow control and reduced power consumption. Variable speed fans allow the fan to run only as fast as the space conditions require. Cutting the fan speed in half reduces the applied power to the fan motor by a factor of 8!

Variable Capacity Compressors:
Variable capacity compressors save energy with load matching capability and high part load efficiency. Variable capacity compressors are available to modulate the amount of refrigerant from 10-100% of full capacity and two step compressors are available with two capacity steps of 67% and 100%.


Standard Features

Foam Panel Cabinet:
2" double wall rigid polyurethane foam panel cabinet construction has a thermal resistance of R-13 or greater, which exceeds the R-value of a cabinet with four-inch thick fiberglass construction. Panels include a thermal break, with no metal contact from inside to outside, to prevent heat transfer through the panel and prevent Foam Panel Illustrationcondensation on the outside of the cabinet. The inner wall protects the insulation from moisture damage, prevents microbial growth, and is easy to clean. This type of construction also makes the cabinet more rigid and resistant to damage, provides increased sound dampening, and reduces air leakage and infiltration.

Stainless Steel Drain Pan:
Double sloped stainless steel drain pan eliminates standing water which can support microbial growth and stainless steel construction prevents corrosion that could lead to water leaks and contaminants in the air stream.

Direct Drive Backward Curved Plenum Fans:Backward Curve Plenum Fan
Direct drive backward curved plenum fans are standard on all units. Direct driven fans have no belt energy losses. A belt driven system can lose up to 15% of the applied power due to heat and belt slippage caused by the normal stretching and slipping of the belt. Direct drive backward curved plenum supply fans with rubber isolation mounts are more energy efficient, quieter, and require less maintenance than belt driven fans.

Corrosion Resistant Exterior Paint:
Corrosion resistant exterior paint is capable of withstanding at least 2,500 hours, with no visible corrosive effects, when tested in a salt spray and fog atmosphere in accordance with ASTM B 117-95 test procedure.

Thermal Expansion Valves:
Thermal expansion valves allows for better efficiency and performance over a wide temperature range.

Maintenance and Serviceability:
Hinged service doors provide easy access to unit components for faster service trips.


Customizable Options

Maintenance and Serviceability:
Customizable options to save time and money on service trips include factory installed convenience outlet, refrigerant circuit sight glass, and unit disconnect switch.

Magnehelic GaugeCompressor Isolation Valves:
Compressor isolation valves allow the compressors to be isolated from the refrigeration system allowing for faster and easier maintenance.

Magnehelic Gauge:
Magnehelic gauge measures the filer drop across the evaporator coil and filters to indicate when a filter change or coil cleaning is needed.

Modulating Reheat:
Modulating valves bypass varying amounts of hot refrigerant gas to a reheat coil downstream of the cooling coil. This allows the unit to provide dehumidification after the space setpoint temperature is reached by cooling the air and reheating it with only as much heat as is necessary to maintain the room temperature setpoint. The modulating valve allows dehumidification without the temperature swings of on/off reheat.

Modulating Gas Heat:
Modulating gas heat with full heat modulation from 30-100% allows for precise temperature control in the heating mode of operation. Units come standard with an industry leading 15 year non-prorated aluminized/25 year non-prorated stainless steel gas heater warranty. Liquid propane heat is available as a factory installed option, with no field installation necessary.

Electric HeatSCR and Staged Electric Heat: SCR and staged electric heat provides energy efficient, consistent supply air temperature heating and improved occupancy comfort.

Controls by Others:
Factory installed controls by others allow numerous control options with no field installation required. When field installed controls by others is selected, the customer is provided with a terminal block for field installation of controls.

E-coated coils:
E-coated coils are available for superior corrosion protection in harsh environments. An electrocoat system applies an electric charge to a metal part immersed in a bath of oppositely charged epoxy molecules, electrically drawing the coating to all exposed parts of the metal coil. An e-coated coil will extend the life of a coil by 3 to 5 times that of an uncoated coil (depending on the environment exposed).

Interior Corrosion Protection:
Units are available with interior components painted with AAON corrosion resistant paint. Corrosion resistant paint is capable of withstanding at least 2,500 hours, with no visible corrosive effects, when tested in a salt spray and fog atmosphere in accordance with ASTM B 117-95 test procedure.



Single Zone VAV ChartSingle Zone VAV:
Single zone VAV is an application using a variable speed fan and modulating compressor. The fan speed is controlled by the room thermostat and the compressor capacity is controlled by the supply air temperature. Fans consume a lot more energy at maximum speed than at part load. Reducing the fan speed by half reducing the required fan horsepower by a factor of 8! The combination of thevariable speed fan and modulating compressor allow the single zone VAV unit to provide precise temperature control, improved dehumidification, and reduced unit sound while consuming only as much energy as the space load requires.