M1 Series (Obsolete)

AAON M1 Series Celebrity1 Modular Air Handler gives you near limitless capability for conquering complex projects. Its superior modular design can be as flexible as your application is demanding. Units can be ordered completely factory wired and assembled, ready for placement and start-up, or as separate modules, to be manipulated and connected on site. With multiple factory-installed conservation, air, and control options to choose from, AAON’s modular systems fit jobs that would normally require a custom system design with intensive post-installation work. That makes the Celebrity1 very cost-effective, while creating happier customers for you.

M1 Series Air Handling Unit



Width Height Length*
005 2,000 42 28 *Length varies depending on options selected
008 3,200 58 35
011 4,400 62
014  5,600 46
018 7,200 82
All dimensions are in inches