Case Study

The following case studies show just a few of the potential applications of AAON equipment. With numerous types of equipment available from residential heat pumps to packaged rooftop units to packaged outdoor mechanical rooms, AAON can provide an HVAC solution which can meet the requirements of nearly any job.

Reinventing - A University Campus Energy Plan (1.5 MB)
Montana State University’s Norm Asbjornson Hall will provide a road map for campus energy performance and low carbon operation. In addition to solar walls that cover much of the south face of the building, the building includes a 216 kW rooftop photovoltaic array and a distributed heat pump system.

VAV Systems - Harrisburg High School (664 KB)
Harrisburg High School was constructed in 1903. The original construction included masonry exterior walls and framed plaster interior walls. The original heating system was a steam boiler with wall radiators. The building had not been retrofitted for air conditioning. A few window AC units had been installed in some office and classroom areas. After several years of conceptual planning and budgeting, it was decided to undertake a full renovation of the building. The exterior walls were tuck-pointed and the interior walls were stripped and refinished. The original 12-foot ceiling height throughout the building allowed the installation of new ductwork and piping. New drop ceilings were installed at a 10-foot elevation after the mechanical systems were installed. The mechanical system renovation included a complete packaged AAON VAV System.

Cirtronics Corporation - Milford, NH (318 KB)
The Cirtronics Corporation in Milford, New Hampshire decided it was time to replace the three decade old water-source heat pumps that serviced their more than 175,000 square foot building with the AAON WH Series water-source heat pump units. Overall the installation of the AAON WH Series units at the Cirtronics manufacturing facility went smoothly and the units have been running without issue since March 2017. In August 2017, Cirtronics placed a second order for 11 more water-source heat pump replacement units from AAON.

Geo Outlook Article - Colvin Center - Stillwater, OK (356 KB)
The article discusses the recent renovation of recreational buildings at Oklahoma State University. The new renovation includes a Ground Source Heat Pump System. Oklahoma State University is considered by many people in the industry, to be the origin of the modern Ground Source Heat Pump technology. It is no surprise that the university turned to GSHP when renovating its Colvin Center Annex sports and recreation building.

Dillard’s – Naples, FL (428 KB)
The Dillard’s 180,000 square foot department store in Naples, FL needed a replacement rooftop HVAC solution that could accomplish significant energy savings while performing for years to come in the harsh coastal environment. The RN Series rooftop units, with modulating fans and compressors and corrosion resistant paint and condenser coil coating, were able to exceed each and every goal set by Dillard’s.

BOK Center - Tulsa, OK (428 KB)
The BOK Center, or Bank of Oklahoma Center, is a 19,199 seat sports and entertainment arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The range of events and the scale of the building required an HVAC unit that was both large enough to heat, cool, and ventilate the large arena and quiet enough to not interfere with the acoustics during concerts and events while also being energy efficient. AAON supplied the BOK center with custom modular rooftop air handling units containing chilled and hot water coils.

SOU/RCC Higher Education Center - Medford, OR (428 KB)
The Higher Education Center’s HVAC system provides energy savings, improved indoor air quality, and the use of an environmentally friendly refrigerant to contribute to the building’s LEED Platinum certification. An RL Series packaged rooftop unit with total energy recovery wheels provides cooling for the building’s VAV system and an RN Series make up air unit provides ventilation air to the building’s science labs.

Patricia's Food - Odessa, MO (488 KB)
Patricia’s Foods replaced its 10 year old constant volume packaged rooftop units with limited features and no humidity control with AAON RM/RN Series constant volume packaged rooftop units with variable capacity compressors and modulating humidity control. This resulted in elimination of moisture build up on the refrigeration cases and utility bill savings.

Stew Leonard - Newington, CT (364 KB)
Stew Leonard’s newest expansion’s heating and cooling system includes rooftop water-source heat pump units with a variable flow condenser water loop which is connected to the grocery store’s water-cooled condenser refrigeration systems. The energy efficient system reduced the store’s utility costs and allowed the store to receive energy efficiency rebates from the power company and the state of Connecticut.

Allegra Print and Imaging - Tulsa, OK (344 KB)
Allegra Print and Imaging - Tulsa replaced its multizone system with two AAON packaged rooftop units with modulating humidity control. The units are able to control the temperature and humidity of the production space, both critical in a printing facility, in addition to saving money on utility bills. Energy efficient natural gas heating and enthalpy controlled economizers are also featured on the units.

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