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The AAON Technical Academy is the premier training facility for educating service technicians on AAON HVAC equipment, controls, and more. The training facilities are located at the AAON manufacturing plant and headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Longview, Texas manufacturing plant – giving students access to the latest equipment, engineering resources, and training center.

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Provides specific details on the classes.

AAON Technical Academy Pre-Registration Form - Word Version

Sales Rep Must Submit Form to AAON. This form must be filled out before registering for a class. Submitting this form does not guarantee a spot in the class. We will verify there is a spot open in the selected class and contact the AAON sales rep to verify sponsorship. Once this process is complete, you will be sent a confirmation email and your spot in the class will be held. All Pre-Registration forms are processed on a first come, first served basis.

The AAON Technical Academy is a program for service technicians who are sponsored by AAON Sales Representatives. Below is the schedule and the current class openings.

2021 Classes

Session Dates

Packaged Unit Startup (Tulsa, OK) - June 14-18 - (OPEN) - Seats Available - Regist. Closes 6/4

Split System Startup (Longview, TX) - June 21-25 - (OPEN) - Seats Available - Regist. Closes 6/11

Split System Startup (Longview, TX) - July 12-16 - (OPEN) - Seats Available - Regist. Closes 7/2

Controls 1 (Tulsa, OK)- July 19-23 - (OPEN) - Seats Available - Registration Closes 7/9

Packaged Unit Startup (Tulsa, OK) - August 9-13 - (OPEN) - Seats Available - Regist Closes 7/30

Split System Startup (Longview, TX) - August 23-27 - (OPEN) - Seats Available - Regist. Closes 8/13

Controls 1 (Tulsa, OK)- August 30-September 3 - (OPEN) - Seats Available - Regist. Closes 8/20